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Fight Aging with Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine has proved to be the power to enable a number of things in human life. Generally, we have indeed seen a transformation in the way we practice medicine and how we invent new treatments all as a result of big data and artificial intelligence but when it comes to the need to replenish, replace and rejuvenate the physical body, this is where the practice of regenerative medicine comes in.

Check this post out and see some of the technologies in regenerative medicine that all work together to help with the need to rejuvenate some of the vital human organs to boost longevity and fight aging. Talking of the need to replenish, we see the stem cells which have been deemed the regenerative engines in the human body. As for replacement, what we see in it are the organ regeneration practices and bioprinting as the technologies in this end of the regenerative technologies. Rejuvenation involves the young blood and parabiosis.

Talking of stem cells, the regenerative engine in the human body, these are basically the undifferentiated cells in the body that have the ability to transform into some of the specialized cells such as the heart, the kidney, liver, skin, neurons and the many more and they as well can further divide to produce more stem cells. In kids and young adults, the stem cells are available in large supply and these do act as the built in body’s repair system. Whenever there is damage or injury to a body part as a result of injury causing inflammation, it is the stem cells that will be summoned to action to repair and restore these parts to normalcy.

This said and done, it is to be noted that aging has an effect or impact on the reserves and supply there is of the stem cells in the various body parts and organs. Added to this, it is to be noted that the stem cells as well undergo genetic mutations that in the end affect their quality and ability to repair and renovate the injured or damaged parts of the body. Actually such an effect on the stem cells may just be the reason for the accelerated rate of aging, loss of vitality and probably life as well.

Looking at the probable solutions to this case, you may want to consider stem cell rejuvenation and the restoration of the stem cell population. The traditional sources for stem cells have been the adipose tissue and bone marrow but it has been established that most of the stem cells that you may source from these areas have often as well undergone mutations and as such are not the kind that you had at your young ages.

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