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Understanding About HCG Diet

When it comes to the proper health diet,the HCG diet has been found to be among the popular diets around the world,this is because it is believed to cause loss of weight at very high and faster rate,this has made many people to adopt to the diet.

When it comes to biology , HCG is a hormone that normally occures at high levels during the early pregnancy,it is used by health experts in testing the pregnancy. The hormone also has very important roles in the health of people, for instance it is believed that it can treat fertility problem in both men and women.

The HCG is made up of high levels of proteins, however by it being produced at the early stages of pregnancy is just a way of indicating that the woman is pregnant, therefore it can also be used in testing the pregnancy among the women. The HCG also plays a very vital role in making sure that the fetus and embryo are developing efficient,this is because it ensures that there is enough production of progesterone and oestrogen which are very essential for the development of the embryo and the fetus.

The HCG promote increased metabolism in the body,this makes the body to loose a lot of fats ,it is good because it does not make you feel hungry. When it comes to the matters on how the HCG hormone works to ensure that there is sufficient loss weight, different researchers have come up with different views on how it works.

However a majority of research and studies that were carried out around the world by different researchers show that the weight loss on the HCG diet is because of the drastic calorie restrictions, which makes me the body to loose a lot of fats. However the loss of the weight has side effects to the body, fast of all due to the shade of fats,the body will remain skinny thus leading to a decreased muscle mass.

The components of the HCG diet includes low fats and low calorie diet, this are beneficial because they ensure that the body looses weight without developing the feeling of hunger. When it comes to the steps,the HCG diet is divided into three phases that ensure the process of shading the fats and loosing the weight is more efficient. The fast stage is the loading phase,in this phase, you will be required to eat foods that contains high level of fats and high calorie foods,you should take this foods in large quantities for a period of two days. The second phase is the weight loss phase,in this stage it is advisable that you continue eating the HCG and reduce on the consumption of the calories for grace period of three to six weeks. In the final phase you will be required to stop taking the hcg diet and increase on the intake of the food,you should avoid sugars and food rich in starch for a grace period of three weeks.

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