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4 Reasons Why Having an Outdoor Cat Enclosure Made is a Great Idea

Knowing that your fry friend is happy is all a cat guardian ever wants. Whether you are the kind of person that enjoys showering your furry friend with toys or blankets, making your pet happy is always a priority. It is not always good to have your cat in the house. Sometimes your pet needs time outdoors and you can give your pet some outdoor experience and still make sure that it is safe. Most cat guardians are slowly warming up to outdoor cat enclosures because of how effective they are. Another name for these enclosures are catios and you should consider getting your cat one. Outlined below are 4 reasons why you should definitely get a catio for your cat.

Visits to the Vet are Reduced Significantly
Catios, can help you ensure that vet visits are reduced significantly. When it comes to being playful, cats are usually more playful than dogs. In addition to this, they often are more vulnerable to different predators. Having a catio helps to keep your cat protected. The enclosure ensures that your dog is safe away from parasites, predators and any form of accident. Since going to the vet frequently can be stressful for you and your furry friend, having an enclosure protects your pet and reduces the number of visits.

Allows Your Cat to Experience the Great Outdoors
The minute you decide to keep your cat in the house the whole day, you end up jeopardizing its health. Your furry friend also needs that dose of fresh air and vitamin D. Getting your cat a catio is vital because it gives it the opportunity to enjoy the cool breeze, warm sun and the outdoor view. Catios ensure that your dog remains protected and also gets to enjoy the beautiful outdoor lifestyle.

Great at Protecting Your Cat
Leaving your cat all alone outside can be really risky. Even though you might find some people who leave their feline friends alone to walk around in the neighborhood, it is a huge risk. For your cat to have a good time outside and still remain safe, you need to get a catio. These enclosed outdoor spaces, allows your cat to have a great time watching what is going on around it and still remains safe.

Get to Expand Your Cats Territory
To sum up, an outdoor cat enclosure can really come in handy if you have more than one cat. In most cases, when you have two or three cats in the house, tension may arise when the cats feel like their territory is being invaded. Getting a catio for your cats is a way of expanding their territory because each car gets to have their own free space.

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